SussexCrafts Origins

Shortly after it was founded in 1979 by master craftsman Peter Warwick, SussexCrafts miniatures were highly sought after for decades. When Peter eventually retired, the business passed to miniature enthusiasts Linda and Peter who kept the charm of the brand alive for nearly 20 years.

All miniatures are expertly crafted in-house by a highly trained team of artisan model makers. Please note that SussexCrafts miniatures are for serious collectors and MUST NEVER be given to children as they are choking hazards.

Dolls House Direct Horizons

Dolls House Direct acquired SussexCrafts in 2023 and incorporated further technology and expertise into the operation. The acquisition presents new and exciting opportunities for the future. New designs are already in the pipeline, as well as more kits, bigger bundles, and extensions to our range of finishes and techniques.