Craftsman made high quality 1/12th scale miniatures.

Dear Collector.

Thank you for visiting the SussexCrafts miniatures web.

SussexCrafts miniatures are only available directly from ourselves. SussexCrafts miniatures are made in small batches throughout the year, enabling us to make a wide range of truly collectable miniatures.

Peter Warwick, the founder of SussexCrafts miniatures, is a Master Craftsman who designed and made all the range of items since 1976. When Peter retired he passed on his knowledge and training to us enabling us to make the entire range of SussexCrafts miniatures

The aim of SussexCrafts miniatures is to make top quality miniature replicas of actual items used in past times, accurately scaled, skilfully made and then beautifully finished.

Should we be out of stock on any item you order, and we have to make it for you the time we give you will be correctly worked out and adhered to.

Our mail order service is friendly and efficient, with our miniatures packed to arrive safely.

We hope you enjoy our website, please use the links above to navigate our web.

Linda &  Peter.

Copyrights Sussex Crafts 2003

Our miniatures are made for the serious collector MUST NOT BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN or left where they may be chewed or swallowed.